Careers in VR: a reality in Hastings

With panoramic views from their Rock House office in Hastings, virtual reality developer’s MelodyVR is doing incredible things in the music industry.

Creative & Digital
Market Capitalisation
£117 million
60 across UK & US

Imagine watching your favourite band live from right in front of the stage, fully immersed in the whole experience. The MelodyVR app, which is in beta mode, allows fans to watch gigs on virtual reality headsets all from the comfort of their sofa. They’ve worked with major artists on cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

To date, Melody has created thousands of interactive VR experiences for fans, and with major licensing contracts with over 500 international recording artists, they are fast becoming a leading destination for virtual reality music experiences and possibly the world’s next major music platform.

Over the last eight months, MelodyVR has signed global partnerships with Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music which position MelodyVR as the only VR music platform to be licensed by all three of the world’s major record labels.

Innovation aside, MelodyVR are keen to work with the local community and employ the next generation of digital designers and content developers.

For the past two years, Jack Hodgson has been working as a junior 3D generalist at MelodyVR. In layman’s terms, he works on multiple 3D projects. Born and bred in Hastings, Jack completed a digital media course at Heathfield College, and in September 2017 successfully finished a digital art apprenticeship through Brighton-based apprenticeship training provider, Creative Process.

Jack had wanted to work in the digital and 3D sector from an early age when films like Toy Story caught his imagination. He initially thought a career in digital media could not be found locally, but after a persistent search he introduced himself to MelodyVR, and he is now on the way to a very fulfilling career. On a daily basis, he is working on varied 3D design with some of the world’s biggest bands, which is no small feat for a 21-year-old.

What can be assured, is that the community of digital creatives is growing locally, and with Jack’s trailblazing path firmly in our minds the future is bright for virtual reality in Hastings!


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