£19.3m awarded to Newhaven Town Deal

The Newhaven Town Deal bid has been awarded to the Newhaven Town Deal board, marking it as a 'landmark moment' for the town's legacy and future.

Five Core Themes Behind The Deal

A thriving and vital southern gateway for the UK

As it states in the report This is Newhaven – Our town investment plan, ‘A thriving Port reflects a thriving town. As a gateway to the continent in this post-Brexit world, Newhaven has a fabulous opportunity to re-position itself as a key southern gateway to the UK. We are also a key southern gateway to the South Downs National Park, ensuring that outdoor health and leisure opportunities are available for all our residents to maximise quality of life’

Celebrating the energy of industry

Leading with the Newhaven Enterprise Zone, and moving into the centre and beyond, Newhaven is the economic growth capital of Lewes District with new investment and growth. With the Town Deal, they are able to build on that ‘energy’, building economic strength to deliver ‘positive change’, jobs and build up the community.

Valuing creative freedom

For makers, by makers. Newhaven has an artistic history and lineage of makers, including the recent creation of Maker Meetings. Bringing vitality to the area, the Town Deal plans to harness and support existing activity into a new dynamic coastal location, bridging Brighton and Eastbourne together along the Creative Coast.

Re-imagining the town centre as a focus for community life

The Town Deal aims for Newhaven Town Centre to be the heart of the community, offering retail and services that serve residents and encourage spending locally over losing revenue to other destinations.

Making the most of the town’s maritime heritage.

Wanting to address its heritage, the Town Deal wants to embrace it’s marine heritage as the river and sea play an signficiant role in Newhaven. Building on opportunities that Newhaven can offer, they want to connect investment into creating a sustainable marine industry and build upon investment such as the emerging ‘Maritime and Sustainable Technologies Hub’.

The steps ahead

Evaluating the successful result, the council and it’s officers will now be preparing each business case for the projects highlighted in the bid, following the criteria set by central government.

The process, following government scrutinity and other milestones individual to each project, could take up to 12 months to complete for some of the development proposals.

To find out more about the Newhaven Town Deal, visit their virtual exhibition.

Local Support, Local Voice

Councillor James MacCleary, Leader of Lewes District Council and local councillor of Newhaven South

“Newhaven is a wonderful town that is bursting with potential. We all want to see the town get the attention it deserves. This is undoubtedly a landmark moment for Newhaven and one that builds on the success we’ve had for attracting other funding recently.

“I would like to thank my colleagues on the Town Deal Board and council officers who together ensured our bid showcased exactly why Newhaven has so much untapped potential.

“This fund will be making a difference across the town. I have two young children who will be growing up here so it is exciting for me personally to know that we’re investing in their futures and those of everyone growing up in our town.”

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes

“The Town Deal board, led by Chris Ketley and supported by Peter Sharp and his team from the council, have worked with us to secure this government funding which will finally see the regeneration the town has needed for decades. Since being elected I have based my office in Newhaven and have campaigned day and night for this funding.

“We are already seeing the green shoots take off with the opening of the Range store in the town and the improvements taking place at the entrance to the port.

This shows by putting party politics aside and working together we can achieve great results and there is more to come with future bids to the government for Newhaven.”

Chris Ketley FCA, Chairman of Newhaven Town Deal and a partner at local chartered accountants Knill James LLP

“This is a huge step forward for Newhaven and my grateful thanks goes to all those who have played a part in achieving such a stunning outcome.

“I wholeheartedly agree with James and Maria in their assessment of the great potential in Newhaven and it is tantalising to now envision how that latent capacity will flourish for the benefit of the local community and town.”

Brett Pearson, Locate East Sussex Programme Director

“We are delighted that Newhaven has been awarded this funding – building on the success of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone, where we have been able to work with businesses that decided to invest and build into Newhaven.

“From ValetPro to Hello Flamingo, Cheeky Wipes to Boutique Modern, opportunities in the town have been growing steadily with increased employment and opportunities with support from local organisations and the community, and the Town Deal will make a real difference.”

Corinne Day, Newhaven Enterprise Zone Director

“It is fantastic to receive this funding from Government which recognises the town’s potential and further spearheads our collective plans for its future.”

“Newhaven is a vibrant, creative, special place that has so much to celebrate and so I am delighted that the Enterprise Zone has been and will continue to contribute to the town’s development and growth.”


The Town Deal Board is chaired by Chris Ketley, a partner at local chartered accountants Knill James LLP and also includes Councillor MacCleary, Maria Caulfield MP, Baroness Whitaker, Councillor Zoe Nicholson and representatives from Newhaven Town Council, East Sussex County Council, the Greater Brighton Economic Board, South East Local Enterprise Partnership, Newhaven Enterprise Zone, central government, community, education and business representatives.


I would like to thank my colleagues on the Town Deal Board and council officers who together ensured our bid showcased exactly why Newhaven has so much untapped potential.

Cllr James MacClearyLeader of Lewes District Council

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