Dynamic healthcare charity: Horder Healthcare

As a charity, Horder Healthcare’s key purpose is ‘to advance health’ through the provision of outstanding orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) services from a renowned centre of excellence The Horder Centre in Crowborough, and physiotherapy clinics in Eastbourne and Seaford.

The organisation’s ambition is to extend its reach, to identify the healthcare needs within communities and work collaboratively with others in an integrated way to provide much-needed healthcare services.

As a charity, Horder Healthcare has no shareholders and can therefore reinvest any surplus money generated to benefit more people and achieve its purpose and vision. This has in part led to a major capital redevelopment scheme at The Horder Centre, and the creation of clinics such as in Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells.

These smaller units deliver local services to patients in their own communities, improving accessibility to treatments such as physiotherapy and, where appropriate, elements of the pre and postoperative care-pathway of The Horder Centre. Today, Horder Healthcare treats more than 25,000 patients a year with a turnover of £24 million.

Chief Executive Diane Thomas said: “Expansion, modernisation and continual improvement best characterise the new era for The Horder Centre. Today, the charity has continued to progress and The Horder Centre has developed into a vibrant hospital, built and designed around the concepts of a therapeutic environment.

“East Sussex has given us an ideal base from which to deliver our expansion programme and the local infrastructure and availability of commercial has enabled us to reach out across the region to benefit even more people.

“The beautiful natural environment is one of the fundamental elements of our location in the Ashdown Forest, and one which is constantly referenced by the people we care for.”

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