LED-UK – The Sustainable Guiding Light

LED-UK Lighting LTD, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, has been helping businesses across the South East to save on their electricity bills with LED lighting, sensor technology and modern fittings.

Locate East Sussex has been working with LED-UK to help clients who are seeking to invest in more sustainable technology, collaborating with LOCASE (Low Carbon Across The South East) to assist companies in applying for grant and business funding, unlocking investment. 

We spoke to Steve Marshall, director of LED-UK about how becoming more sustainable is easier than you think. 

Steve Marshall has always been interested in helping businesses access green technology, and for several years was involved in procuring solar panels for businesses in collaboration with FSB and East Sussex Chambers of Commerce as a part of a government-backed scheme.

As the funding for solar started to dry up and wanting to remain local to Eastbourne, he was invited by founder and CEO Nick Shrager to work with him on LED-UK: ‘I was looking for another outlet, something that would make a positive environmental impact. The technology that we deal with is new, interesting and I felt I could work with this.’

Forming a new company in 2016, the company was ready to meet the demand. As halogen and incandescent lighting became less efficient for the needs of the modern workplace, even when encountering early scepticism. ‘LED lighting has had a bad reputation in the past, with so many different colour temperatures that people were installing lights that were not fit for purpose. 



Working with a wide variety of sectors from retail to manufacturing, Steve and the team have learnt how to make the world of lighting a refined process for businesses:

‘Our biggest challenge has been educating the public on the benefits and intricacies of LEDs. Many businesses do not realise how versatile and varied LED lights can be.'

'The relationship between wattage and lumens on many different ranges of light bulbs has changed from what many have been used to, and LEDs can do a lot more with less energy. 

‘For example, you could be looking for replacements for 400-watt high bay lights with LEDs at 100 watts or 150 watts, the problem is that they can have the same luminosity output, but it is knowing what is necessary for your business including having long-lasting lighting and fittings. You can be saving a lot of energy by being economical and supporting the environment at the same time.’

With a lifespan reaching up to 25 years, LED lighting has allowed businesses to make a fast return of investment and major long-term savings of up to 70% on average, saving money while lowering CO2 emissions. With a range of products to meet business needs, they can deliver guaranteed energy savings with minimal maintenance and up to 80,000 hours of light life.

‘At LED UK, we focus on quality. A lot of other LED lighting providers can offer cost-effective products, but as with everything, you must pay for quality first to be able to truly get the savings. To use a metaphor: A sports car and a car on its last legs can try to get you to the same place, but only one will help you get there in one piece.'

Working with partners

Steve personally helps the customers understand what is on offer, including upgrading systems with sensor technology that allows businesses to control how much light is activated and how long light can remain on, which can save hours of kilowatt-hours in a large car park for example or a large office block. ‘We only want to do a great job once, and we make suggestions that accommodates a businesses’ budget.’ 

Working with Locate in East Sussex and LOCASE to support clients, LED Lightning has benefitted from Locate East Sussex’s support in creating the environment necessary for businesses to unlock sustainable growth. ‘When a business is expanding, it is worth understanding how you can do that and bring positive growth, more than just extending a workshop.

'Both Locate East Sussex and LOCASE have been helpful, and I have helped businesses get in touch with them for business support and other funding opportunities.’

Changing times

For LED-UK Lighting, they do not aim to just help businesses save money, but create a better world, ‘There has been a lot more attention on the climate with COP26, and of course David Attenborough’s latest documentary, people are paying more attention and businesses are also getting involved.’ LED-UK has a network of manufacturers and contractors helping them to deliver innovative technology, creating a valuable industry that allows businesses to support other small businesses.

Presently, LED-UK is currently looking beyond just lightning. While the business had been affected by the pandemic, it introduced UV-C disinfection technology in its line-up, where bacteria and viruses (like Covid-19) are eliminated in minutes.

‘A lot of businesses are seeking the benefit of making sure they can run more efficiently with minor interruptions. With UV-C, it only takes three minutes to clear a room of air contamination versus other systems that simply recirculate bad air’

Working with partners such as Locate East Sussex, businesses such as LED Lightning UK can be the bridge to create a more sustainable business.

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You can be saving a lot of energy by being economical and supporting the environment at the same time.

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