Men in Mind: Free men’s mental health skills and training available in East Sussex

Mind in Brighton and Hove, a mental health charity working across Sussex, are delivering a project for men in East Sussex called Men in Mind, supported by Grassroots suicide prevention and funded by East Sussex County Council. The service delivers free mental health and suicide prevention training for people who work in places where men work and visit.

To date, staff at barber shops, boxing clubs, golf clubs, painting and decorating shops, and construction companies have taken part in Men in Mind training. The training provides skills to help you start a conversation if you are worried about someone, to talk about mental health, to connect people to support, and to know what to do if someone is feeling suicidal.

The Men in Mind project aims to contribute to the reduction in male suicide. The Men’s Health Forum report that 76% of suicides in the UK are by men. They have also found that men are less likely to act on warning signs and may be less likely to seek help if they are struggling.

In East Sussex the suicide rate has been higher than the England average for a number of years. This is why Men in Mind are aiming to give anyone in East Sussex who works and socialises with men the tools to talk about mental health, to tackle this stigma, and know how to support someone and get help. One person who attended the workshop said it was an “excellent and informative session” and another said “fantastic workshop- thank you. Inspirational and we have learned a lot”.

Training is free, available in person or online, and is flexible to fit around the needs of different workplaces.

If you are interested in finding out more about training please contact the project coordinator: or call or text 07871 855 794.

You can read more about the Men in Mind project on the Mind in Brighton and Hove website

Men in Mind, Mental health skill, training and support in East Sussex

In East Sussex the suicide rate has been higher than the England average for a number of years.

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