New Resource Hub

A free business education hub from GoProposal is now available for UK businesses, providing free expert resources and tools for businesses and accounting professionals.

The education and training resource page provides expert advice, inspiration and free resources for businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and accounting professionals to help them deal with clients, make money, train teams, attract talent and more.

The hub includes a selection of media such as:

Valuable short training videos full of tips from business experts

These videos from GoProposal experts deal with a wide range of topics, such as dealing with clients who don’t get back to you, ensuring you know how to move your business forward, or highlighting the value of your services.

Substantial and comprehensive webinar videos

Webinars running from 25 minutes to almost two hours invite business and accounting experts from across the UK to discuss and answer questions on how to attract and hire high performing teams, providing the best advice to your clients and building profitable businesses without overworking.

Insightful reports on topics such as solving business problems, effective pricing, or how to create fee proposals for your firm.

Regularly updated blog posts covering the ins and outs of running and growing a successful business and speaking to those who have succeeded to gain insightful case studies on what they learned and how they got there.

Penny Rowden, Director of Rowdens Ltd, based in Sussex, explained how helpful the platform and the tools and resources have been for their business:

“When we started using GoProposal there were just four of us, and three years later there’s now nine with talk of a tenth person. It’s made the way we run our firm so exciting.”

The free business education hub can be accessed here and will continue to be updated for constant business support and advice.

“The amazing GoProposal Facebook Community has opened up a whole new world of collaboration, advice, support and friendship.

Penny Rowden
Director of Rowdens Ltd

For support and advice on how to progress with your business goals get in touch and one of our team will contact you to discuss you needs.