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Predicted to have an increased profitability 25 times over in the next three years, and making it one of the fastest growing independent brands in its sector, Benyfit Natural is making a big impact on the UK’s natural pet food market.

Sheffield Park
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For a company based in the heart of the East Sussex countryside, it is knowing their product and engaging with dog owners who are as conscientious about their dog’s diets as they are their own, which has been key to its success.

In the last few years, whilst both humans and animals are enjoying a period of improved health and longevity, we still face a future of combatting increased obesity and associated medical complications.

Culinary revolution

Having been a constant presence in his life, Managing Director of Benyfit Natural, Greg Van Praagh’s lifelong caring responsibilities for his pets gave him insight into how they live and the impact a good diet can have on our furry companions. Greg (pictured left, on right) was aware that much of dogs’ diets since the 1940s has been created by bigger manufactures using up materials from other processes and adding grains to bulk them up, sacrificing the care and attention that most owners would love to afford.

His solution, through trial and error testing recipes out on his own pets, and working with experts in nutrition and veterinary sciences, was to produce products that he saw have positive changes in his pets; vastly improved mood, fitness, and even winning competitions such as Crufts.

Its food doesn’t represent a repacking of unpopular food items, but a bold process of ethically sourcing local ingredients from East Sussex and the wider south east, offering natural, balanced diets in recycled containers.

Benyfit Natural, Newhaven
Benyfit Natural, Newhaven

Crufts and beyond

His original passion and ethical practices have also led to celebrity endorsements including TV presenter and rapper Professor Green, who become a brand ambassador for Benyfit, appearing at its stand at Crufts. Professor Green, Brand Ambassador at the Benyfit Natural Stand at Crufts this year.

The fact Greg’s success comes from experience, knowing when/how to invest and who to ask for advice and guidance, is particularly helpful when it comes to the highly regulated industry of raw animal food.

As founding members of the Pet Food Manufacturing Associations (PFMA) with Greg on the PFMA’s Executive Committee, Benyfit has not just been at the forefront, but has always being committed to working on improving its ideas and processes and setting industry standards for the benefit of its customers as well as Greg’s own beloved dogs.

How we helped Benyfit Natural:

Benyfit Natural came to Locate East Sussex for help to meet the increasing demand for its products. The company’s processing units were based in Ashford and logistically, distance impeded its ability to meet the growing demand, so the company sought to bring in their outsourced production facilities in-house to decrease costs as well as maintaining the quality of their product and to ensure traceability, which required a significant investment, critical for such a well-regulated industry,

This heavy amount of investment: purchasing of machinery, chillers, freezers, and the  building works for a new headquarters in Sheffield Park. So, its £112,000 investment, match-funded by East Sussex County Council, they were able to create seven new jobs and with the potential for more over the next few years. With their new production facilities in Sheffield Park Business Estate, they plan to expand nationally and overseas.

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