ValetPRO: Success is in the detailing

ValetPRO is one of the UK’s leading car detailing brands, supplying car lovers with the products they need to look after their vehicles. For those who don’t know, vehicle 'detailing' is valeting taken to the next level, obsessive attention to detail combined with skill and craftsmanship that is about achieving show-quality cleanliness and polish.

Besides improving appearance, vehicle detailing helps to preserve the resale value of a car. Getting a vehicle ‘showroom clean’ takes more than a bucket and a shammy. The car detailing market is highly competitive with numerous technologies and dozens of products for consumers to choose from. 

We're looking forward to introducing our products to US distributors - the US market is more than big enough

Greg SpinkManaging Director

Global brand started from a garden shed

ValetPRO specialises in pH neutral safe and efficient cleaning products formulated and refined over time using the knowledge and experience acquired over many years in the business. Delicate surfaces like chrome, polished aluminum or magnesium wheels can be effectively cleaned with products that require minimal elbow grease and without fear of corroding the surface metal.

MD Greg Spink started the company from his garden shed as a side project for five/six years, with a £1,000 investment. Greg said, ‘I needed to do something I knew about and had some form of control of.’ By reinvesting and dedication, the business started to draw a small salary for him and now employs thirteen staff with high potential for growth.

Labels are translated into eight languages

The brand has since grown to be one of the leading brands in the industry, with retailers scattered across the globe with a particularly strong presence in Europe. Its labels have been translated into eight languages to assist its international retailers and consumers.

ValetPRO products feature in media publications including Top Gear, Autosport, Detailing World, Modern Mini and EVO magazine amongst many others.

ValetPRO is also one of few car care manufacturers that doesn’t sell to the end-user – preferring to focus on supporting its retailers rather than becoming competition for them.

They have been known to spend a long time perfecting a new product. Quite a long time. ValetPRO spent an entire year developing Purple Passion until they were satisfied that it was perfect.

In 2010 it moved into its first warehouse in Framfield and 2012, moved into a warehouse in Golden Cross, where it quickly expanded into an adjacent second warehouse.

In April 2018, ValetPRO moved to a brand new 12,000 square feet warehouse in Newhaven – a big jump from Greg’s garden shed.

ValetPRO: Newhaven


From reformulating products and retesting them in extreme weather conditions, to creating environmentally friendly alternatives, ValetPRO always strives to make better products, using only chemicals that have been sourced and made in the UK. Through its careful procedures, ValetPRO has developed new products like a pre-wash solution, pH Neutral Snow Foam, formulated without an acidic or alkaline base. Making products that are kinder to cars and their finish, and to the environment, is at the core of ValetPRO’s business.

So, what’s next?

In the next few years ValetPRO plan to increase their turnover exponentially, with a particular focus on engaging with their UK market and is looking forward into introducing its products to US distributors, where according to Greg, ‘the US market is more than big enough’.

How we have helped ValetPRO:

Looking to innovate in this sector and invest in research and development of its products, Greg approached Locate East Sussex for support. ValetPRO required funding to invest in machinery for its packaging and to create cost savings so that the company could grow its workforce and overseas markets. As well as this, ValetPRO found its industrial unit was becoming too small for their purposes.

Locate East Sussex assisted ValetPRO to find a new site in Newhaven Eastside South, part of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone; this has also saved ValetPRO money on business rates and created new, bespoke lab space in which to test its products.

ValetPRO applied for and was awarded a loan from East Sussex County Councils’ East Sussex Invest programme. To date, ValetPRO has created six new full-time equivalent jobs as a result of the support from East Sussex County Council.

ValetPRO received a further Grant from the South East Business Boost scheme towards the purchase of an Automated Filling Line, allowing them to full three times their current stock, and therefore invest in critical roles within the business.

Image Credits: Caitlin Lock

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