Inglis Hall takes on five new staff members following support from Locate East Sussex

“All our kitchens are different. They’re made to be lived in-properly, happily”

This is the guiding principle behind Inglis Hall, a collective of skilful artisan designers and makers that create kitchens to fit clients like a perfectly-tailored suit. 

I like to think we’re making the antiques of the future. We've always got that in mind when we’re creating something.

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An Inglis Hall kitchen is the essence of individuality and personality, providing room for the user’s own self-expression and combining attention to detail with the beauty of minimalism.

With a deep understanding of how a person’s surroundings can positively influence their behaviour, Inglis Hall offers a personalised service from concept to installation, designed completely from scratch to enhance day-to-day life.

A talent-pool of creative makers

From modernised and simplistic city apartments to a house rooted in the historic grounds of Lewes Castle, each project and design challenge has seen these kitchen makers utilise their imagination with a combintation of traditional and contemporary design, which remains sympathetic to the period of property but utilises space in a way that is both effortless and efficent.

The Rusty Brick

Showing they are more than just the standard ‘Kitchen Makers’, Inglis Hall’s ingenious efforts as designers were proven when the company became part of a controversial, yet hugely successful Grand Designs project in 2015.

Now fondly known as the ‘Rusty Brick’, the project became an instant landmark in Lewes and sits on the banks of the River Ouse. The town’s locals once feared that the contemporary structure would steer focus away from the rural landscape. After years of attempts to gain planning permission, this stunning architectural home is now one of Lewes’s most recognized buildings.

Inglis-Hall built the kitchen, staircase and cupboards, using locally-sourced English Oak to show contrasting finishes and textures within the design. Inglis-Hall’s astounding efforts working with architect Jeremy Pitts resulted in a beautiful interior for this ambitious and award-winning home.

Inglis Hall, Lewes
Inglis Hall, Lewes
Inglis Hall, Lewes
Inglis Hall, Lewes

Inglis Hall’s first premises was a 1500 sq. ft workshop. As a measure of its rapid business growth, the business now occupies 7000 sq. ft of the original premises, only now it is equipped with a design studio and complete with a fully functional show room for clients to explore.

Since training from the age of 16 at a cabinet-making college, the founder, Toby Hall has worked with some of the country’s most talented craftsmen. A game-changer for Hall was the build of a large country manor in Pulborough working for a private businessman.

This astounding opportunity to build a property on that scale, made with 100% timber solution was a defining moment for Hall, leading to the formation of Inglis-Hall in 2013. Two years later, co-director Peter Spence joined the business as the Head of Design. Peter had forged a relationship with timber and natural materials from a young age, having grown up surrounded by the dust of his grandfathers toy-making workshop.

If a chair can last for hundreds of years, then it was truly worth making.

With a thriving enterprise delivering high-end kitchens, the fundamental ethos of Inglis Hall remains its dedication to sustainability.  The company sees this as their strongest environmental responsibility stating:

“Our kitchens are built to last a lifetime, always with timber from sustainable sources and from indigenous supplies as much as possible. Durability and timeless design are both woven into our process, ensuring your Inglis Hall kitchen will be a thing of beauty for many years to come.”

How we helped Inglis Hall

Seeing the potential in the business, Locate East Sussex offered financial support not only to deliver the company’s expansion plans but to further job creation in the county. At the time of the project funding agreement, Inglis Hall had seven employees.

Now, after support from an East Sussex Invest Grant (ESI5), Inglis Hall now boasts a twelve-strong team of talented and experienced craftsmen, emphasising that ‘the only limit is our combined imaginations’.

The capital investment enabled Inglis-Hall not only to expand its team, but to purchase new machinery and extraction equipment following further support from an ERDF South East Business Boost Grant provided in partnership with Business East Sussex.

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