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Hastings based Beard care and grooming products manufacturer One Society, explains how what started from humble beginnings has evolved and found direction thanks to advice and guidance from business support organisation Locate East Sussex.


“Our challenge has been around understanding how to run my dream as a business, getting to grips with forecasting and ROI. Chris has been brilliant, there is no way we would have succeeded without him. I had a million ideas, but no idea how to achieve them, and he helped me to carve out a plan”

​​​​​​​Corie HinkinsOwner
One Society Ltd

One Society

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One Society began in 2018, when Owner Corie Hinkins turned his dream of creating something new into a reality. Recognising that at the time that there weren’t many well established men’s grooming products businesses in the UK, he set his sights on starting a brand that could set the standard for the future in the grooming products industry.

Starting with a range of beard oil and waxes, sold online via the website, and wholesale to stockists, the brand has continued to evolve, now offering a range of Unisex hair care, skin care, and beard care products, and priding themselves on its clean image, inclusiveness and environmentally friendly practices.

“We believe that the products you use every day should do more than just wash or moisturise your skin & hair, it’s about looking and feeling your best both inside and out. Our products are uniquely formulated with carefully selected ingredients to help provide the best that clean and natural has to offer, without compromising on performance & quality.”
Corie Hinkins, Owner, One Society Ltd

One Society’s range of products are all made with natural ingredients, are vegan friendly, paraffin free and packaged in fully recyclable packaging. The products are all made in East Sussex, either in their facility in Castleham industrial Estate, Hastings, or sourced from local suppliers. Offering a range of scents, the brand offers something for every unique taste, allowing you to find the right scent for you.

Completely self-taught, Corie, and his wife Evi, have already made great headway with the business, expanding the range of products, developing the brand identity, and building relationships with local barbers, distributors and stockists, all whilst also being kept busy by their new baby girl.

Word of the brand has already been spreading fast, with the new Hastings men’s clothing store RD1 taking the range, alongside several barbers in the area. The business has also made great use of brand ambassadors to create buzz around the products, and a reputation for quality and effectiveness, which is supported in their 40 5* google reviews.

Brushing out the knots

Whilst the products speak for themselves, as does Corie’s passion for his brand, running a business can be hard, with tough decisions to be made, and the need for a certain level of impartiality when it comes to crunching the numbers. As a young entrepreneur, Corie recognised that there were areas of his business that needed some outside input and guidance, and so he approached Locate East Sussex for help.

One Society, Hastings
One Society, Hastings
One Society, Hastings
One Society, Hastings

Locate East Sussex is a business support programme, funded by East Sussex County Council, the 5 District and Borough Councils and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and delivered by Let’s Do Business Group. The programme supports businesses in East Sussex or looking to re-locate into the area with 12 hours free business support, help to access funding and assistance with finding commercial property, to aid local economic growth and create jobs.

One Society has been working with Locate East Sussex Business Manager Chris Thomas, looking at business planning, financial forecasting and ROI, ensuring that the business had a secure future and could continue moving in the right direction.

“Helping Corrie develop his understanding of the numbers in his business and watching the change and growth in him as a business owner has been fantastic. He now plans and looks into things as opposed to just going with his gut., but also looks back at what has happened and learns from it.”
Chris Thomas, Business Manager, Locate East Sussex

“Our challenge has been around understanding how to run my dream as a business, getting to grips with forecasting and ROI. Chris has been brilliant, there is no way we would have succeeded without him. I had a million ideas, but no idea how to achieve them, and he helped me to carve out a plan”
Corie Hinkins, Owner, One Society Ltd

Grooming forward

Moving forward the team have big plans to expand their network across the UK, as well as take on the international market. The men’s grooming market in the US has been growing at an exponential rate, valued at $24.1 Billion in 2018, but expected to reach $43.1 Billion by 2026, and this is an area that One Society feel they should be an integral part of.

They are also looking to continue to grow their library of stockists, focussing on major chain stores and high end independents, alongside continuing to grow their retail operations through their website with new product launches and awareness marketing.

They will shortly be launching a new range of unisex handwashes, with a luxurious vanilla scent, and are now exploring opportunities in the hair styling arena to provide a full range of products for all self-care needs. The business is ever evolving, seeking out growth opportunities and ways to provide an all-encompassing experience for both men and women looking for a brand that offers products that not only work, but also represents them as individuals. We can see great things happening for this business, and are excited to join them on their journey.

“People have never taken me seriously. I look young, and sometimes people have looked at me as if they don’t believe I can be successful. In the last 6 months that has started to change. I think it’s always going to be harder for younger ones to be taken seriously when starting a business, and that needs to change. I’m looking forward to the future and will always fight for what I believe in.”
Corie Hinkins, Owner, One Society Ltd

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