Peachy Self Care Centre - Peachy Fresh

The newest health and wellness centre to blossom in St Leonards.

After opening in April 2022, the Peachy self-care centre has given a makeover to what was once the former GP surgery. Following a much-needed “facelift” to transform and brighten the space, the centre now offers 9 rooms to rent by the day or week for small businesses offering self-care services, plus a studio area, available to hire for a minimum of 60 minutes a day.

Business Manager Emily Wright from Locate East Sussex has been working with the centre, supporting its launch and helping to provide local exposure. 

"Its been a pleasure working with Rebecca and seeing the centre expand, I’m excited to see what the future holds for them. This centre will be a great opportunity for those looking to relocate to the area and even for those hoping to start-up a business."

Emily WrightBusiness Manager

Peachy Self Care Centre

Peachy Self Care Centre
July 2022

Peachy Self Care Centre The Giant Idea

Owner of the Peachy brand, Rebecca Perkins, has been in the beauty sector for over a decade after opening her lash and brow studio ‘Icons’ back in December 2011. Once being rehoused to their new location on Essenden Road in St Leonards – which is just a stone’s throw away from West St Leonards station – and renamed to ‘Peachy’, she now runs the brow bar and lash lounge inside the self-care centre, with her three employees, known as her ‘Peachy Squad’ as well as the Peachy Centre Pug, Posey.

After the location was secured and renovations complete, Rebecca was able to begin the launch of her new brand. She knew that with the now available space, she wanted to bring together a collection of health and wellbeing businesses which could provide a haven for relaxation and selfcare. Upon entering the centre, you may notice that some of the rooms are decked out to fit the iconic style and vibe of the Peachy brand, with the peach-coloured tones of the walls, furniture, and accessories, whilst some of the other rooms are neutral. This is because Rebecca wanted to allow anyone who wishes to rent the rooms out to have a bit of creative freedom with their space.

Owner of Health and Wellness Centre, Hastings
Peachy Self Care Centre - Hastings
Rebecca and Emily at the wellness centre, Hastings
Peachy Self Care Centre - Hastings
Peachy Self Care Centre - Hastings

A Cocktail of Crafts

As of now, the self-care centre is currently home to a variety of businesses within the health and wellbeing industry, from yoga to acupuncture, aesthetics to reflexology, and of course a lash and brow studio.

Corrine Jenner – who owns Freedom with Corrine – is a health and holistic wellbeing coach that has been offering therapy through massage for over four years and is just one of the businesses that have relocated to the centre. With her vast knowledge and various qualifications in all areas of the body, mind, and spirit, she provides a unique service of bespoke intuitive healing treatment through massage to help release emotional pain and get to the bottom of any issues you may be having that build up in your body. By being able to pinpoint the area that is keeping you in an endless cycle, Corrine can help you to release the pain and get to the core of the issue.

“There is always an emotion behind every illness, that pain is our bodies way of screaming for attention. Energy needs to move, you have to be able to feel it and express it.”

Corrine Jenner, Freedom with Corrine

Another business within the centre is husband and wife duo Dr Andy and Tessa Taylor who own ‘Rejuvenate Face, a Doctor-Led Clinic with over ten years’ experience in treating all skin types and concerns. The two had also relocated from outside of the area down to St Leonards where, between them, they offer a range of treatments such as botox, facials, and non-chemical peels. Tessa has found that by being able to find space in East Sussex to accommodate their work and move into the centre, she and her husband are both able to continue in the field they love.

“I have always had a keen interest in skincare and insight in aesthetics due to my background in the private medical sector and the cosmetics industry. I am passionate about beauty and support the development of the regulated aesthetic industry.”

Tessa Taylor, Rejuvenate Face

There are many other businesses in the centre that are currently taking on new clients including:

Peach for the Stars

When asked about the prospective plans for the centre, Rebecca expressed, “I have so many ideas for the future with the self-care centre,” she continued by saying “I hope this space appeals to a variety of people in the sector such as nail artists, laser removal, and so on that would want to come to join us. The space the centre offers is not just for businesses that have been around for years, but also for those who would like to get started up as well!”. Rebecca has been working closely with business manager, Emily Wright, from Locate East Sussex. Together the two of them have done some brainstorming and come up with ideas to get in the works of what the centre could offer down the line.

At Locate, we are excited to see the growth and development of the Peachy self-care centre and the future opportunities this will bring for businesses in the area. If you would like to discuss the future growth plans for your business, then please Get in Touch.

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