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Recursive Digital, a multi-disciplined design and consultancy studio based in Eastbourne, explains how it plans to continue developing digital and interactive experiences from its new Eastbourne premises, following support from Locate East Sussex.

Recursive Digital have been running for over 10 years providing in-depth experience in audio and visual and technology design globally and offering both bespoke fully immersive digital experiences along with support in ensuring your audio/visual setup is perfect for the needs of your business, as well as the changing technological landscape.

Adam has been excellent in helping us understand the potential for our Digitally focused business within Eastbourne. He has connected us to a great set of people who have allowed us to find that much-needed space to call a home.

David YatesCEO
Recursive Digital

Recursive Digital

Case Study
Recursive Digital
August 2022

Wanting to assist clients with navigating the digital landscape, it designs bespoke technology solutions across AV, Lighting, Content and Software and Acoustics to transform spaces for brands, venues, and people.

“On the consultancy side, we look at how a building is being used, and provide detailed design and advice on how to use technology to create a space ideal for that client’s needs.”

David Yates, CEO, Recursive Digital

On the other side of the business, Recursive Digital creates immersive experiences utilising the latest depth sensing technologies and game engines.

“We have been early adopters of Unreal within the Studio in terms of it’s application within the physical environment and in 2021 were awarded a Megagrant in recognition of our efforts to push forward the technology in this area.”

David Yates, CEO, Recursive Digital

Working with a wide range of sensors, projection, LED and audio amongst other technologies the team have pioneered several new techniques, such as employing motion capture to track a user’s body and movements in ‘real-time’ without the need for controllers or headsets, providing the most realistic, casual and seamless experience for the user. This combination of technologies is revolutionary, and it enables the Recursive team to create playful augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences mixing the digital with the physical world.

“We are really interested in how digital technology can interact with a physical space. It’s exciting that we can continue to innovate as technology progresses, and that this type of technology allows us to do that.”

David Yates, CEO, Recursive Digital

Already working globally with large corporations such as Burberry, Nike, Vodafone, Adidas, Puma and the Qatar Foundation, the challenge for Recursive Digital is achieving recognition in their own right, building relationships with clients directly rather than through agencies where they have traditionally been commissioned through. To achieve this CEO David Yates took the decision that they needed a new space to be able to really showcase what they could achieve to potential clients.

Recursive Digital Eastbourne
Virtual Reality Football, Eastbourne
Recursive Digital Eastbourne
Recursive Digital Eastbourne
Interactive film experiences, Eastbourne

The business had begun in Brighton, before moving to Ashford in Kent, to take advantage of the major train links to attract talent from the city, before Covid hit and severely disrupted the market. This gave time for a pause and rethink, allowing a review of other more local options to regrow the business and an opportunity to return to the South Coast. Discovering that Eastbourne was becoming a hub for digital and creative businesses, David then moved the business to Eastbourne, taking on a new space near to the town center to test the water. Having spent a year in their current space and with the Business rapidly recovering, and indeed thriving, David had his eyes set on expansion, and decided to make Eastbourne Recursive’s permanent home.

“We hadn’t really found a home for the business until now. Previously we based ourselves where we thought the right people might be, but in Eastbourne we have found a home.”

David Yates, CEO, Recursive Digital

David contacted Adam Berger from Locate East Sussex, for help with finding the ideal spot for his business. Locate East Sussex are a business support organisation who are fully funded by East Sussex County Council, The 5 District and Borough Councils and The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to help businesses in East Sussex or moving into East Sussex to grow. It supports businesses through advice, help to access funding, and assistance with finding commercial property.

Adam through his business connections was able to introduce David to ‘The Printworks’, a collection of office and studio spaces just a few metres down the road from Recursive Digitals existing space. Taking on two units in the centre, has allowed Recursive to setup an office space, but also a high tech demonstration space where they can showcase their work to new Clients, as well as providing real time progress updates for the current work they are completing. Business Manager Adam is also talking David through some potential funding options to help with his office refit and growth of the business.

Recursive Digital Future

Currently employing 5 members of staff, Recursive intends to rapidly expand the team as their Client list continues to grow and hopes to dip into the reams of talent starting to emerge in the local area. Already a 2020 winner of ‘Best use of Experimental Tech’ at the Campaign Tech Awards, and the 2022 winner of ‘Most Immersive Software Solutions Developer’ at the SME awards, David is optimistic for the future and hopes to expand their portfolio and brand recognition more prominently, making connections with other local creative businesses, coding their name into the minds of executives far and wide.

Locate East Sussex continues to support Recursive in its growth plans… could we also help you?

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