Scientifica: Supporting breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience

Scientifica is an established global enterprise based in Uckfield, East Sussex, and a world-leading manufacturer of scientific instrumentation, supplying the neuroscience and life sciences markets.

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The company’s products are key to improving our world as the majority of Scientifica’s consumers are academics carrying out research into how the brain works. Academics are also involved in more applied investigation areas such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s.

Scientifica has achieved many notable awards including the Queens Award for Enterprise and the Export Business of the Year from the Chamber Business Awards 2016. These achievements not only measure Scientifica’s success but also maintain its status as a leading organisation dedicated to progression in neuroscience research.

Global reach

Scientifica’s products are now distributed to research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide and are growing a large and enthusiastic customer base internationally. Scientifica’s reach extends to more than forty countries, from the United States of America to Japan and Russia – the largest market for consumers being in the US. In 2016, the company expanded their offices to New Jersey, to cater to ongoing customer demand in North America.

What does Scientifica do?

The company specialises in providing cutting-edge equipment to enable researchers to gain a better understanding of the nervous system and neurological disorders. Examples of some of the equipment produced by Scientifica includes microscopes, cameras, micromanipulators, imaging systems, and other tools needed for electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging.

Scientifica is also dedicated to the development of optogenetics and uncaging which involves advanced technology such as the LASU (Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging) system. This has the ability to facilitate laser applied photostimulation experiments using multiple wavelengths of light.

Adding to Scientifica’s success has been the development of the HyperScope multiphoton imaging system. The product enables outstanding images of the finest structures deep within samples, along with optical sectioning to produce excellent three-dimensional images.

Scientifica, Uckfield


Founded in 1997, Scientifica was the creation of Mark Johnson and David Rogerson. Scientifica became part of UK-based Judges Scientific Plc in 2013, which helped to broaden their opportunities.  The company started its high growth by designing a new type of micromanipulator used by electrophysiologists, using its wealth of industry contacts to ensure it was the best it could be. From the beginning, Scientifica has been constantly innovating within this space as well as moving into multiphoton imaging and optogenetics.


The motivation for Johnson and Rogerson was to design well-tested innovative systems to satisfy the demand of neurological researchers around the world. Scientifica combines highly advanced technology with remarkable design and knowledge in the field to achieve the ultimate goal of aiding researchers to overcome neurological diseases.

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