East Sussex is the home of sustainable craft and construction

The county of East Sussex, bordered by Kent, Surrey and West Sussex, and the English Channel to the south, boasts one of the UK’s most diverse natural landscapes. From chalk hills and sandstone ridges to clay valleys, marshland and coastline, overlapping habitats create huge potential for biodiversity, with estimates indicating the presence of more than 10,000 species of flora and fauna in the Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserves alone.

Woodland is perhaps the county’s most notable characteristic. After Surrey, Sussex is England’s most-wooded county, with coverage across 19% of its area (over 76,000ha), with over half of this (56%, or 42,447ha) classified as ‘ancient woodland’ by Natural England.

Coupled with its historic clay reserves, the county’s natural timber capital makes it an attractive prospect for the UK’s low carbon and environmental goods and services sector – businesses working to decarbonise the energy sector, improve resource efficiency and preserve and enhance the natural environment.

Our report ‘East Sussex – the home of sustainable craft and construction’ looks at the thriving industry in East Sussex, it’s history and some growing businesses in the sector

Read the – Sustainable Construction in East Sussex Report

Sustainable Construction in East Sussex
Sustainable Construction in East Sussex
Sustainable Construction in East Sussex

The county’s woodland is quite an asset in this regard, and there’s growing interest in utilising it.

Andy Arnold
ESCC’s Environment Team

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