Talking Loud - Michael Wolff

With support from Locate East Sussex, Towner Eastbourne and the De La Warr Pavilion presented an online conversation with Michael Wolff, founder of Wolff Olins and Towner director, Joe Hill. 

Aimed at the creative industries or those who work closely with it, Michael and Joe discussed the idea of 'being' in the contemporary moment, and how Michael's approach to design can transcend sectoral boundaries, seeing how creativity, courage and openness as mechanisms for better work, better innovation and better companies.    

“I have an open mind and scepticism of my experience. I enjoy not knowing what to do and trusting my creativity. I always encourage people to be creative in all situations and, above all, to have a sense of humour” – Michael Wolff

Michael and Joe talked about branding – branding is about the experience and the culture of the company, whether you are a retail business, a creative business or just in your day to day working.

Many of the principles of branding are universal in making your business successful: the importance of connection, user experience and even how your business is positioned and how it makes people feel special.

Creativity is a skill that can be worked and honed, and it is not something only given to a few people. Individual and subjective, creativity is something that is expressed in everyone’s work within an organisation, and allowing yourself to be brave while facing potential judgement, this creativity could be the key to innovating your company’s future.

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