AltPitch: new arts & technology festival

Locate East Sussex is proud to announce its support for The AltPitch Platform – an experimental day of talks, debates, workshops and networking, taking place as part of the new AltPitch Arts and Technology Festival in Hastings on the 20th March.

The Arts and businesses together can help tackle the complex problems our world is currently facing.

Anastasia WittsExecutive Producer

The Altpitch Platform

Date of Event
Friday 20 March 2020
10am - 5pm
£35 incl. free lunch
All Business s

Stimulating creativity in the workforce

The Platform programme is aimed at anyone in the business community who considers themselves ‘creative’ (whatever their industry) and offers new approaches and fresh ideas to stimulate creativity within the workforce.

The AltPitch Festival, which takes place from the 19-28 March, will explore the convergence of art and technology and the relationship between the digital world and humanity and the responsibilities that go with it. Like language, commerce, and the arts, technology is an intrinsic part of human culture, and it both shapes society and is shaped by it. 

Call out for businesses to take part

Artists and creatives working in the fields of AR to VR, audio and sound design, theatre and performance are invited to take part in the Platform programme alongside business leaders and those interested in exploring the wider cultural, environmental and social responsibility that comes with an increasingly digital world.

With advances in technology affecting every aspect of our working lives, participation in the arts can play a vital role in helping us find our authentic voice and remember who we are as human beings. The Platform programme aims to stimulate ideas for businesses to start to tackle some of the more complex problems our world is facing by increasing the potential to engage in experiences that lead to greater creativity and innovation.

AltPitch provides a unique platform to explore shared values between the business community, helping to build trust as well as shift perceptions. People trust and respect business leaders who show their humanity and have the ability to envision better futures and make wiser decisions. 

Explore ways to tackle real-world problems

Certainly today, creativity and innovation in business is not rare, but whilst the workforce is becoming more and more automated, and the knowledge and insight is a mere click away, everyone has access to a wealth and diversity of ideas and can come together as artists and business leaders to explore ways to help tackle real-world problems. Combining right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis increases the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights that lead to meaningful change. 

AltPitch partners

Working with partners such as the Hastings Creative Group, East Sussex College Group and the University of Sussex, AltPitch aims to bridge the divide between the creative and digital sector with the other sectors in East Sussex and further afield.

The inspiring programme of speakers including Brandon Relph, a 19-year-old multi-million gaming entrepreneur; Ester Fox, Hastings-based nationally renowned VR  artist; Victor Lander, three-time Cannes Lions nominee creative director; Thor Magnusson, Chris Kiefer and Francisco Bernardo, three top researchers from the University of Sussex in the fields of music and computer science; and collaborative musical social enterprise Soundcastle.

Anastasia Witts, the Executive Producer, says:

“The Arts and businesses together can help tackle the complex problems our world is currently facing. It is humanity and technology working together that will best solve these problems. With the Platform, we want to start this conversation in-depth and to open up opportunities for people from different walks of life to do something about it.” 

Miles Berkley, Co-Producer, says:

“Innovation happens when people working in different fields meet and work together. Sparks fly igniting a furnace of ideas. Relationships are forged. All in the white heat of art, technology and the imagination.”


AltPitch Festival runs from 19-28 March. Tickets are on sale now for the Altpitch Platform at £35 for the entire day incl. buffet lunch at Station Plaza, Hastings, on Eventbrite.

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